Comics Elite Exclusive Access

To access the Exclusive Access Portion Section of our Website you must 1st own the "Comics Elite Exclusive Access" NFT Available SOON on


1 Year of "COMICS ELITE EXCLUSIVE ACCESS" Membership!! The 1st Comic Shop to offer SPECIAL LIMITED access to our Website & an Exclusive Discord.


Members will have UNPRECEDENTED access to PARTICIPATE IN the process of creating an EXCLUSIVE comic book that will be available ONLY to Exclusive Access Holders!!

After you have purchased the NFT you will be asked to link your Wallet which will verify ownership. You will then have access to:

  • Deep Discount Pricing on Variants.
  • Exclusive Covers (at least 6 per year) created ONLY for NFT holders available to purchase AT COST!
  • Hot weekly Comics from Marvel, DC & More AT COST! Not every issue released weekly obviously but we'll pick the hottest 10 to 20 issues per week and offer them for cost (50% off + shipping). All must be purchased at or before FOC (3 to 4 weeks before release) which is when they will be available for sale. 
  • 1st access to many, many other NFT Drops we will be doing. 
EXCLUSIVE Discord includes:
  • Inside info on upcoming exclusive covers & comics
  • Inside info on sales ran through the website and WhatNot
  • Input and voting on
    • cover artists & concepts for exclusive covers (in addition to the one we're creating)
  • Special access for customer service questions
  • Exclusive interviews with the biggest creators in the industry
  • The coolest community of collectors anywhere!

This NFT will also get you insight into other NFT's being created in the industry and BONUSES for holding this 1ST NFT OFFERED!
There will be NFT's for Artist, Publishers and MORE being created through other memberships. Owning this NFT and being IN THE DISCORD will give you 1st access to these other projects and SPECIAL BONUSES for owning this NFT along with other NFT's from other projects!!

1st year membership is $1000 which comes to only $2.73 per day. Best part is YOU OWN THE MEMBERSHIP! You can trade it or sell it on at anytime. Simply taking advantage of the discounted weekly comics, the exclusives for NFT holders, or access to the other NFT's being made you will be able to get MORE then your moneys worth. 

So what happens after 1 year? After 1 year another membership will be offered which will be available to OWNERS OF THIS NFT 1ST with MORE BONUSES offered for being a member for subsequent years!

This is the Utility NFT you need to own. Join the discord here to get in the conversation early!