Welcome to the Guaranteed 9.8 Option for Comics Elite

We're proud to be able to work with CBCS to bring you this amazing opportunity for new comics released weekly. 

Here's how it works!!

- Purchase the book(s) you want Guaranteed 9.8

- Books arrive from Diamond. The best and brightest copies are pulled for submission.

- Books will be mailed to CBCS the same week they are received in the store.

- All books will be FAST TRACKED and expected in 30 to 45 days however with processing and shipping it may take as long as 60 TO 90 DAYS!!

- In some instances the books that arrive from diamond are unacceptable and replacements need to be received. This will delay the turn around time. You will be notified if your books are delayed and new expected delivery estimate. 

- Sometimes entire print runs of certain issues are damaged at printers nationwide. If this is the case you will be offered a 9.6 at a reduced priced (depending on the issue) or offered a refund. 

- If you purchase a 9.8 book with other books your entire order will be shipped when the 9.8 book arrives back

- No refunds for 9.8 books will be given within 90 days of expected delivery. 

Click The picture to pick your books!!