Doctor Strange: Don't Pay the Ferryman TP

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Flames of the Faltine! Is it getting hot in here, or is it just Mephisto? When Doctor Strange joins Reed and Sue Richards in battle with the Lord of Lies, the enchanting sorceress Topaz is freed from hell. But half her soul remains in torment. Can Strange complete her -- or will he fall prey first to a siren's song? Or perhaps to a feral feline demon? With a key part of his costume clawed to pieces, Stephen's going to need a new Cloak -- but when the unholy Urthona strikes, he might need a new body, too! The old saying goes: don't pay the ferryman until you get to the other side. But before Strange can reach it, there might even be a new Sorcerer Supreme!

DOCTOR STRANGE (1974) # 75-81, written by Roger Stern & Peter B. Gillis; drawn by Sal Buscema and Chris Warner; cover by Mike Mignola

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