Determining Value Basics


Basics of Determining Value

From Spider-Man® to Swashbuckler®, Wonder Woman® to Waverider®, comic book characters have played a vital part in many childhoods. Perhaps by now, you’ve amassed stacks and boxes of collectible comics. Although the heroes and their adventures are priceless, the comic books can be bought and sold.

Whether you're selling your collection or want to know its value, getting a good price on your comic books can be difficult. Here are some things to keep in mind when pricing them:

  • Demand: General customer demand, which is notoriously fleeting, can alter the comic’s price. For example, if there is a recent film adaptation, demand for that comic book or series will rise exponentially.
  • Supply: How many printings exist of that edition? What comic book era — Golden (1938-1955), Silver (1956-1972), Bronze (1973-1985), or Steel (1986-2015) — do your characters hail from? This can help you determine the worth of your comic book.
  • collectible comicsCondition: Comic books are rated on a ten-point scale, with points docked for each irregularity. Are the pages creased or torn, or are the staples rusted or bent? Are any pages missing, or are there any signs of discoloration? Perhaps you're lucky enough to hold a mint comic in your hands. The condition of your comic is a key element to understanding its market value.
  • Comic Book Price Guides: These can be useful tools for determining the market value of your comics. Price guides such as Overstreet® and CBCS® are widely renowned, comprehensive, and updated frequently.
  • Online Auctions: A quick and easy way to determine the comic value is by searching completed eBay listings. Remember to disregard the current bidding rate and check the final price the comic sold for.

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